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Our Governors Bay School Curriculum Delivery Plan outlines a clear direction for high quality teaching and learning, and reflects the school community’s expectations and values. We undergo an annual review process to ensure that all areas of the curriculum continue to be responsive to students’ interests, strengths and needs. Teachers continually extend their knowledge and capabilities through well-targeted professional and personal development supported by the school Leadership Team, external facilitators and the Whakaraupō Cluster.

Concept-Based Integrated Learning


At Governors Bay School, we believe that a Concept-Based curriculum enables students to transfer their understandings across learning areas and make connections to their own experiences and the wider world both now and when looking to the future.


Four main concepts underpin our Integrated Learning:

1.    Sustainability

2.    Active Citizenship

3.    Global Connection

4.    Creativity and Innovation

These concepts also encourage students to make connections to the Governors Bay School values and the key competencies stated in the New Zealand Curriculum (2007). There are natural links between these concepts, so while there may be a major concept focus in a term, planning may also integrate one or more of the other concepts so as to meet the needs of their students.


At Governors Bay School, English and Mathematics & Statistics are given priority in teaching and learning in Years 1-6.  We also acknowledge that some aspects of Science, The Arts and Health and Physical Education may need to be taught in isolation to our main concepts.  However where there are natural links, we will endeavour to integrate the learning for the students in our planning and teaching. 


When planning for Integrated Concept- Based learning, teachers consider:

●      The needs of the students and the learning outcomes that will best meet these needs

●      The Big Ideas/Deep Understandings that can help students grasp the concept and transfer it across learning areas

●      The contexts that best meet the needs of the students

●      The Curriculum Strands that link to the concept and the needs of the students

●      The New Zealand Curriculum Principles

●      The key competencies that can be developed through the Integrated Learning

●      The Big Question that provides opportunities to explore the concept and Big Ideas

●      How the Governors Bay School Values can be explored through the concept selected


Teachers are expected to use the agreed school ‘Integrated Learning Plan’ when planning for their integrated learning experiences.  We acknowledge that this plan will be reflected on regularly and added to over the course of the term so that student learning needs and input is considered when planning for learning experiences.  At the end of the unit it is expected that teachers will reflect on what was intended to be taught, and what was actually taught so that the balance of the curriculum strands can be monitored and tracked.

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