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Governors Bay School aims to be the school of choice for the local community who want a seamless education for students from Years 1-8.

Governors Bay School currently has four classrooms, a library, an office and administration block, grass playing fields and a ball court area. We also have access to the heated community pool directly opposite the school during Terms 1 and 4.


In Term 3 2016 we made a significant shift from teaching students in three composite classrooms to four composite classrooms due to the rapid roll growth and resulting increase in teacher funding. All teachers are dedicated and greatly skilled in teaching mixed age groups. They use a range of high quality teaching practices to differentiate for students’ strengths, needs and interests, and offer a personalised approach to each child, ensuring they have appropriate learning challenges. Our class sizes are designed to enable each child’s particular interests to be explored within the curriculum.


We offer a broad range of leadership opportunities for students. Student voice is valued and we have established the Student School Council as a forum for students to share ideas and opinions with the Principal.  Students belong to one of three houses; Nikau, Pohutakawa or Totara, and House Captains lead and organise activities and competitions and encourage a strong sense of pride in all students.

Our school has a highly supportive Board of Trustees, whose priority focus is student achievement. The school also benefits from a mutually respectful partnership with our active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) whose involvement in the many school activities, events and initiatives is invaluable.

One of our most defining features is our small size relative to others schools in Christchurch. Students of all year groups frequently interact with one another and typically know most other children by name. A highly collegial and supportive environment exists where students of mixed age regularly play together and older students provide mentoring and support to the younger children. Our current structure of four composite learning communities further embeds the positive aspects associated with students regularly engaging with others outside their own year group. Because of the cohesive nature of the local community, new entrants often already know many in their class and others at school, which eases their transition to school. Students and parents have expressed that a benefit of attending a small, community-focused school like Governors Bay is that it is less daunting and overwhelming for students, particularly in their early years.


The close-knit and supportive environment extends beyond students to the staff and parent community. In addition to their scheduled meetings, teachers regularly cross paths and connect throughout the day due to our school’s small size. This allows them to develop strong relationships and provide meaningful support to one another in their roles. Parents, many of whom live within walking distance from the school, often enjoy the close relationships they form with other parents who typically share similar values and appreciation for the Governors Bay area. Because of our separation from the main city, parents frequently arrange carpooling to various extra-curricular activities and engage in shared activities with other families outside of school.

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